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After taking a gap year to travel the world with his best friend, Quentin is summoned home to his father’s pack and forced to attend a pack-gathering to increase the odds of finding his mate. Quentin has no interest in meeting his mate or settling down. He wants his life to be an adventure, and he wants to be free. He doesn’t care about being an alpha or forming his own pack, and he dreads the idea of being forced into a soul-sucking career to support a family he doesn’t even want.

But his dad’s never been one to take no for an answer, so Quentin returns home with his tail tucked between his legs. When he finds out that the Evil Twins will be attending the pack-gathering too, he’s more bitter than ever. Helena and Nico are pretentious, conniving sociopaths who have been intent on making Quentin’s life miserable since they were kids. It doesn’t help that everyone seems to think Quentin and Helena could be mates. He dodged a bullet last year by skipping the pack-gathering right after the Evil Twins turned sixteen, but now he’s out of excuses. He’ll have to confront them.

When Quentin and Helena are reunited for the first time in two years, they’re relieved to discover they’re not mates. Quentin feels like the Moon Goddess has thrown him a bone, giving him his freedom for just a little longer.

Until he comes face to face with Nico, and he’s forced to question everything he always thought he knew about himself.

This is a m/m paranormal romance story about werewolves, and it’s a spin-off story of my Cricket Kendall series. Rises the Moon can be read on it’s own, and it is a completed story. However, there are brief mentions and hints of things in Cricket’s series. Quentin, Nico, Helena, and Felix will also make appearances later in Cricket’s series too.

*Rises the Moon was previously included in the anthology Under the Rainbow: A 2SLGBTQ+ Romance Charity Anthology for PEERS Alliance. The anthology is no longer available.

You'll love this if you enjoy The Cricket Kendall series.

Signed Rises the Moon (A Cricket-Verse Novella)

  • No returns. All sales final.

    Item Weight ‏ : ‎ 1 pound
    Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 5.5 x 0.19 x 8.5 inches

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